Home Staging

Home Staging

Staging sets the scene for perspective buyers to envision themselves living in your home.
Using your furniture and accessories, we strive to focus on the highlights and show the consumer your home’s true “potential”.

Today’s home buyer isn't just looking for a house, they are looking for an experience. By taking your HOME out of the house, you allow potential buyers to imagine your house becoming their HOME. Let Distinctive Transformations help “set the stage” for your home’s presentation so that it sells faster in today's challenging real estate market and for top dollar. By incorporating interior design and home organizing concepts we will create a space which will help highlight your home's strengths, downplay its weaknesses and appeal to the greatest possible pool of prospective buyers. Industry statistics prove that a professionally staged home can sell as much as 50% faster and for 6-10% more money.


Studies have shown that most buyers make a decision about a house within 15 seconds of walking in the door,
first impressions are everything!

Primarily for occupied properties and clients who may decide to do the work themselves. This is an overall assessment of the home, starting at the driveway and ending in the basement. We begin with a one to two-hour walk-through of your home taking numerous photos of each space, followed by a consultation and design plan. By playing up the positive and de-emphasizing the negative. We will make suggestions on First Impressions, Focal Points and Flow. Walk through lasts approx 2-3 hours. A detailed written report, including a written check-list of prep work necessary to prepare your home for sale, will be available in 2-3 business days. (The check-list can include painting, cleaning, packing, window washing, floor refinishing, carpet cleaning and/or removal of carpets and most important, de-cluttering the home.)


 Envious of those beautiful rooms showcased in magazines and on all of those home shows? Do you wish your home could look more like that, but, just don’t know where to start or what paint color to choose? Interior redesign involves many of the same techniques as home staging. However, it focuses on improving the home for the homeowner, rather than the buyer, with an eye toward future resale value.

For the homeowner who wants to spruce up their home, without spending a lot of money. Whether you simply need paint color advice or a total renovation, we will provide you with a design plan to take your room or your entire home to a new level. Using your furniture and accessories and our creativity, we turn your not so perfect space into your new “favorite room”. We will set up your new home or redesign the one you are in. Looking to add to your décor?  We know where to shop for great finds at a fraction of the cost which saves you time and money.